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I ordered this product and have been using it for a little over a week or two. I had a very bad case of covid-19 and it was causing my hair to fallout. But this stuff is already working, my hair feel thicker and not coming out in handfuls like it was before. I am happy to be able to recommend this product to anyone who is having a problem with hair loss.

Berverly - San Leandro CA

The smell is SO AMAZING!! I literally had to keep re smelling it because of how much I loved it!!!

Ray - Anaheim CA

Very exciting! I am using it as a spot treatment for psoriasis on my scalp and it has almost gone. I've also been using it on spots of psorasis on my hands and legs and it has improved a lot.

Sinead - Perth, AUS

I have used the accelerated hair growth oil as a treatment twice a week for 4 weeks now and I have noticed a huge improvement in my hair. It feels thicker and like I have more volume and my hair isnt dry anymore.

Cheryl - Perth, AUS

I lost a patch of hair right above my forehead on my hairline. After dabbing a small amount of this oil on it for only 2 weeks, I can already see the hair filling in. I have tried several products but non that have actually worked. I am so pleased, will definitely keep buying.

Jill - Stockton, CA

My hair feels thicker, silkier & much better.

Ann - Perth, AUS

"I'm actually using the Azalia Phoenix Naturals Accelerated hair growth oil as a deep treatment for my very damaged hair. I've been dying my hair for 15 years and not found anything that works as well as this. I'm also 33 weeks pregnant so I'm very cautious of what I'm putting on my body, I love that its all natural and I've been using the oil on my skin to help nourish and prevent stretch marks. I love my treatment day and the smell is absolutely divine, it makes me feel like a goddess." 🌺

Bianca - Peachester, AUS

I LOVE the smell. I love peppermint.

Akara - Perth AUS

I used it on my daughter too and we both love it. It smells nice and it doesnt feel greasy on the hair.

Shiko - Perth, AUS

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